Monday, January 10, 2011

Agnes Monica

Name: Agnes Monica Full name: Agnes Monica Muljoto
Call: Nez, Nyez
Place, date of birth: Jakarta, July 1, 1986
Father Name: Ricky Muljoto
Name of Mother: Jeanny Siswono Height / weight: 168cm 51 kg
Brother: Steve Muljoto
Her niece: Chloe Xaviera
Education now: Karawaci Pelita Harapan University, Faculty of Law
Food: Niku Udon (Japanese Food), Penne bolognaise (pasta)
Beverages: Mineral water, ice tea with lots of ice cubes
Color: Black, White & Pink
Book reading: All books (mainly novels and psychology)
Sports: Sofball, badminton, running
Clothes: Casual & Sportif
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, acting, writing, explore something new
- Readers Children's version of Panasonic's Best Awards 1999
- Star-Panasonic Favorite Drama Awards 2001
- Artist terngetop SCTV Awards 2002
- Artist's favorite - Panasonic Awards 2002
- Artist's favorite - Panasonic Awards 2003
-Favorite artist - Panasonic Awards 2004
Anugerah Planet Muzik-Award 2004 in Singapore
Best Female Solo Pop-Samsung AMI Awards 2004
Production-Work Dance / Techno Best Samsung AMI Award 2004
Artist terngetop-SCTV Awards 2004
Artist terngetop-SCTV Awards 2005
Album: The Meow, Yess, Bala-bala, Tralala-trilili, .. .. and the story goes, Whaddup A'..?!
Sinetron: Early Marriage (2001), Lupus, You Pursue Me My gear (2002), my girlfriend Jutek (2003), Amanda (2002), First Kiss (2002), my girlfriend Jutek (2003), You're the most beautiful (FTV), Flowers of the Virgin (2004), Belle (2004), Wherever I Fall In Love (2005), Pink (2006), etc
Presenter: Romeo Diva (Trans TV), Tralala-Trilili (RCTI) VAN (Video Children Anteve)
Ads: Jas Juice, So Klin perfume, Biore Anti Acne, Caprizone Natur-e Shampoo, T-shirts Poshboy, STIMIK AKI, Sakatonik ABG, Ovale Face Paper, Beans atom DK, NewERA, Epson printers, Hemaviton Action, sambal sasa, Vitron

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